Eirene Foundation is an organization established to focus on minority issues in Iran. Our goal is to conduct research, educate and produce literature on minority rights, as well as the production and dissemination of cultural products in the field of minority rights and in the framework of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and related conventions.

In the research section, we examine the situation of minority groups as well as vulnerable and marginalized groups in Iran and how their basic rights have been ignored. From ethnic groups and nations living in Iran, to various religious groups as well as sexual minorities. Also women as a minority group which deprived of power.

In the education part, the Eirene Foundation seeks to use modern methods and tools to transfer the results of its research to vulnerable and marginalized groups, as well as to other individuals and classes of society, in order to eliminate discrimination and reduce human rights violations, as well as the growth of civil society. It also seeks to promote the human rights situation by producing and disseminating intellectual and cultural products.

One of the programs of the Eirene Foundation is the publication of “AARAASHMAA” an electronic magazine, which aimed to pay attention to the theoretical aspects of the issue of ethnic minorities in Iran.